Wonderful weekend!


Yes, I’m a bad blogger. Let’s just get that out of the way first. Ok, on to the good stuff.

We are home from an awesome weekend in Chicago. Bill and I got to have nearly an all day date, we went Ikea shopping, saw Harry Potter and had excellent food. I took a nap when we got home, watched Tangled with the kid (it was cute) and I just rocked out a 6 page paper. I’m feeling accomplished!

We went to Ikea for a light for baby girl’s room – failed, shelving for her room – success and shelving for our office – mixed success. Instead of shelving we decided we may want to redo the office altogether and buy a new desk set up. Yay! Here’s a photo example of what we’re thinking (in different color combos of course): What I love about this is that I’d be able to admire Bill while I work, which would be awesome! Bill is working out details and measurements and hopefully we’ll make a decision soon. And maaaybe, my awesome father in law will pick up everything for us and save us a drive or exorbitant shipping costs.

So even though I am a bag blogger, we have been crazy busy lately and I feel like we are accomplishing things. Movement on the nursery (more on that in another post), I’m keeping up with school and launching an enormous campaign at work – my second in as many months. So burning the candle in every possible place, but I’m ridiculously happy.

In upcoming/baby news, next baby appointment is Tuesday. I’ll be 27 weeks and doing the Glucose Challenge…which I have a beef about. Why do they try to make it sound fun, a challenge, really? It’s just gross. Here’s hoping I pass! More news later. Cross your fingers, friends, family, internets, whoever reads this. I do not need one more thing going on to manage.



About maria7z

I am a wife, mom and woman trying to find balance in my world. Between work, caring for my kids and loving on my husband (oh yeah, and making time for me) I am always trying to find a way to make it all work. Here's some insight on that journey, however unsuccessful I may be!

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