Baby Elia delivery plans!


After much deliberation, research and discussion we’ve reached a decision that is really best for everyone, primarily baby and me. I will be induced Monday, September 5 (yes, Labor Day – I get the irony).  I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant and according to ACOG guidelines and numerous medical papers and studies, this is the safest way to go. I also feel better that we made a team decision with my Dr, the neonatologist, Hubby and I. 

So all that’s left is to give birth. Ha! I’m not sure I’m ready yet, but we’re getting close. Here’s her latest ultrasound pic from Thursday at 33 weeks 3 days. First time she’s shown us her face or a profile! Can’t wait to see her in person! Well, I can, but I can’t so I might as well get excited now.


About maria7z

I am a wife, mom and woman trying to find balance in my world. Between work, caring for my kids and loving on my husband (oh yeah, and making time for me) I am always trying to find a way to make it all work. Here's some insight on that journey, however unsuccessful I may be!

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