Family/maternity photo shoot


I know I talked about this before I had pics, but our photo shoot with Dan Woolf ( was awesome. Dan was so relaxed and so much fun to work with. And funny, thanks to Ian.

Another awesome thing to note is that Dan delivered our photos TO THE HOSPITAL since I’m on serious bedrest! How awesome is that? And he brought these amazing cookies his wife made:

They were some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, hands down. And I’ve had my fair share! Makes me want to be friends with her. And all the nurses I shared them with asked if they could buy more. (Hint Megan, you could make a mint off of these!)

So, here’s a recap of my favorite, favorite images from the shoot. It’s really hard to narrow them down…they’re all so good!

How do you not feel beautiful when someone makes an image of you like this? AMAZING!

Family picture, we look so happy. (And we really are, he just captured it well!)

Mischievous Ian

My boys

Great shot, belly pic

Family portrait

This last one is my current desktop photo. I love the image, the texture, the lighting. Love, love, love. There are tons of just beautiful shots, but these are my favs I think. I was so sick the day of this shoot and I really don’t think you can tell. Dan seriously did a wonderful job, I would strongly recommend him to anyone. And I am confident we’ll be back working with him again!


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