Dear Ian,


Dear Ian,

You are 4 in nine days. Yes, we’ve finally reached the single digit countdown. And I thought we’d never get here. 3 has been an eternity.

I wanted to capture some of the year we’ve endured so that we can come back and fill you in when it’s important. You know, like when you have kids. Ha!

But at the moment I am exhausted. See, your sister was sick last night and didn’t sleep all night, so neither did Mommy. So a shorter note you get now, with promises of more detail later.

Last week, you had a hard time listening and were just too excited after our trip to see Uncle Bill and Aunt Elia to settle down. You were naughty at school Tuesday, our first day back. So Wednesday we had a chat on the way to school. (Dad was in Seattle.) So we talked about good behavior and how important it is. And that we’d go to Target if you were good, since we needed to shop anyways and there could be something cool in store for you there. You know what you negotiated for at Target?

A toothbrush holder. Oh yeah, the plastic travel kind.

I am more than happy to spend a buck on this device which we need to get you anyways, so I agree. Then you proceed to tell me that you don’t think you can be good all day at school. You said, “Mom, I might have to be a little bit naughty.”

Well, at least you’re honest.

We went back and forth for awhile, and really what it seemed like was that you were negotiating just in case you weren’t good enough to earn your toothbrush holder, you wanted to be sure I’d still get it for you. I had a hard time keeping a straight face with all of this, and trying to explain to your teachers that you might be a little naughty. Awesome.

So, even though 3 has been tough, there are some funny moments.

Next day, we tried out Mc D’s for breakfast. Here’s how cute you are:

Breakfast with Ian

Oh, 9 more days. I am sure I’ll look back wistfully, but only when you’re 16 and more difficult.

I love you Ian.



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I am a wife, mom and woman trying to find balance in my world. Between work, caring for my kids and loving on my husband (oh yeah, and making time for me) I am always trying to find a way to make it all work. Here's some insight on that journey, however unsuccessful I may be!

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