Welcome 2013!


I was hoping to be able to see better by now to post my welcome 2013 message and New Years resolutions, however I’m still recovering from Lasek surgery and my vision is still pretty blurry. I cannot believe I finally went through the surgery. I have been terrified forever, but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it or even had a blah reaction. So after nearly no research on my part (VERY un-Maria) and a quick series of events I got the surgery during winter school break and here I am. Blurry. But I’m sure there’s a bright side and it will get better.


On to more fun topics. Goals and New Years resolutions.

I don’t normally commit to many New Year resolutions, nor do I say them out out, but it’s time for change. Mr. Myers and I do create annual and 3-5 year plans, and we also have quarterly financial summits, so it’s not like I don’t plan. It’s just that I rarely tell anyone except Bill about it. So internet, here we go. As usual in the Myers tradition, we go big or go home. We’re expecting an epic 2013.


  1. Maria graduates! MBA will be in hand in April (well, class is done in April, walk and diploma are in June). CANNOT tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this. It’s so time. And then I’m never going back to school again. Except for you know what we say about never. In a few years I’ll probably go and get my project management certification just for fun.
  2. Take a real vacation. We’re still deciding if this is family or just Bill and I, but we normally travel to see people and while that’s all good and we LOVE our family it’s not always a vacation if you follow. So, we’re making our own memories this year and doing some fun stuff. I’m hoping for at least 3 trips, more on those later.
  3. New, bigger vehicle. Two years when I was pregnant we bought two VWs. Very cute, fuel efficient 40 MPG diesel VWs. That are small. And I complain about this all the time. While I’ve always been against the minivan, we’ll see where 2013 and the solution of a larger vehicle takes us. Hold on friends!
  4. Ian starts kindergarten! Which means we need to choose one! Gah! I’m honestly a little excited and sad, this is the first year in a long time that we are not having babies, trying to have babies, or trying to keep them alive. I mean, we’ll try to keep them alive, but it’s less dire from here on out until they’re teenagers. We’re blessed have two happy, healthy kids and we’re done. But Ian’s whole school thing tosses a huge stressful event into our lives (for me). Choosing a school seems So. Hard. Why? No idea, except that this feels like it sets up, what? His whole life. Ugh. Thank goodness hubby works in education business intelligence and can help figure this one out.
  5. New house. New school for Ian means new house for us. We only planned to live at 2011 White Wolf for 5 years. It’s been 6…and surprise, surprise. With two extra people it feels smaller than it used to. Plus we are not into this school district here, so we’ve got to go. And really, we’re all excited to upgrade. Here’s hoping 2013, this one is a complicated, tall order!
  6. Stop being a fatty. I woke up to 153.5 lbs. Really? Yup. That flat out sucks. Last year I was able to lose and keep off about 10 lbs. Except that 153.5 includes about 15-25 lbs of baby weight, depending on how and when you count from. I”m really happy with my body (well, was) at 128-134/ That’s what we’re aiming towards. OH MY GOD, ARE YOU READING THIS? Now we all know how fat I am . Ugh. Just be glad I’m not showing you pictures. Yet. How will I achieve the stop being fat plan?
    1. Well, probably through more work than I care to admit. I’m going to keep up with boot camp because it’s awesome fun and I love my girls – even though it’s early and I hardly ever make it.
    2. I’m going to walk or run or both. Last year I set a mileage goal of 365 miles. I made it 34. Don’t believe me? Here’s the raw, sad data.  This year I’m still going to stretch, but I will try to be more realistic, and also try harder to get my miles in. I’m aiming for 5 a week, for a total of 260. Can I do it? I ran/walked one tonight so that’s something.
    3. Let’s face it, if goal #2 works out then goal #6 here better…I literally have nothing to wear that fits me if we travel somewhere warm. All my clothing that I love is a size smaller than my current one now. So, there’s no room for fatness really.
  7. These are the big ones. There’s smaller ones too, like get curtains hung in our living room, and finally get our house looking like we’re grown-ups and have real salaries, not like we just got out of college. (oops…see goal #1.)

What are your goals this year? If you’ve got any advice on how to meet mine, please feel free to share. Or provide support. Or poke fun at them, or my fatness. I’m a big girl, I can take it. Ha!


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  1. If you are fat at that weight, then I don’t even want to know what you would call me at 185. There it is, I’ll put mine out there for all to see as well. Can’t believe I ever let the scale get to 218 at my heaviest.
    So, I like your idea about blogging your goals for the year, so I think that I will be thinking about my goals and also post a blog (it’s been forever since I blogged here).

    • I am an awful friend for missing this comment and not responding sooner! I didn’t see a notification, I’m sorry! I need to get back to blogging. I want to share more about my journey, especially with your Herbalife stuff. Maybe this will be the push I need to get where I want to be? So far, little progress and I’ll take it! Keep up your hard work, friend!

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