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Elia’s first day of daycare.



And she’s exhausted.


Baby Elia delivery plans!


After much deliberation, research and discussion we’ve reached a decision that is really best for everyone, primarily baby and me. I will be induced Monday, September 5 (yes, Labor Day – I get the irony).  I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant and according to ACOG guidelines and numerous medical papers and studies, this is the safest way to go. I also feel better that we made a team decision with my Dr, the neonatologist, Hubby and I. 

So all that’s left is to give birth. Ha! I’m not sure I’m ready yet, but we’re getting close. Here’s her latest ultrasound pic from Thursday at 33 weeks 3 days. First time she’s shown us her face or a profile! Can’t wait to see her in person! Well, I can, but I can’t so I might as well get excited now.

Maternity photo shoot…and lesson from a tot


Bill and I love photography, although we are certainly not pros (he’s better than me though). We do our best to capture every important life change and milestone somehow, usually through photo or video. We’re not great at keeping things up to date, but we have lots of digital content for when “free time” comes around. Ha!

So, of course we had to do maternity photos again.

This time it’s a little different. With Ian we did all sorts of belly shots, skin, etc. Looking back I think some of them are cheesy, and most not appropriate for public display (i.e. there’s the traditional hands holding boobs shot…but it’s a little R rated when your boobs are/were F’s!).  We also really wanted to incorporate Ian, after all we’re building a family and the big brother is an important role! So, we were so excited to find Dan Woolf to help us make awesome family/maternity shots.

I don’t have pics yet, but we had so much fun at our shoot on Sunday that I know they will be great. That and he let me sneak like three peeks while we were shooting. I. am. so. excited.

Here’s the educational part of this post. Lesson from a tot:

We had moved to our second shooting location, this awesome old barn (for background, the wood texture was awesome). There were two miniature horses outside, so checking them out kept Ian busy while Dan set up. Then he poses us on the ground near the bar, which is when things get interesting. From his new lower vantage point, Ian looks over and loudly announces “Mom, those horses have junk!!!”. Oh yes, yes they do. So I tried to respond as banally as I can hoping to deter this conversation, “yup buddy”. He repeats his discovery. I say, “yes, everything has junk.” He keeps it going. “But MOM, I can see it! I can see their junk! They have junk! I did not know that horses have junk! Look, you can see their junk!”

We all are dying at this point. It lasts like 10 minutes. There goes parent of the year. I’m positive it’s my fault that the kid says junk…if you know me you know I have my own language. Bill cannot be held responsible for this.

So right after, I tweet our thanks to Dan. He responds a few hours later, “@Maria7z I had a blast! Thank you for spending some time with me and my camera. It was great to meet you guys. #thosehorseshavejunk“. Awesome. Glad that’s the Myers family’s parting impression, and I’m pretty sure that’s the first thosehorseshavejunk hashtag on Twitter. Milestone or embarrassment? You decide.

I will of course post photos or links to them when I get them from Dan. In the meantime, if you need portraits, family photos, etc, and you want someone who is cool, takes great pics and is laid back enough to appreciate horse junk humor, look Dan up. Here’s his info:

@danielwoolf on Twitter.

Thanks Dan! You were fun and a great sport! 🙂

Almost a year…


A year ago today is the last time I talked to my Dad.

I called him after I dropped Ian off in the morning on my way to work to tell him about something silly the kid had done. He was busy and short and gruff with me, but he was working so it was understandable.  And that’s just how he was, so I was not worried. I did want to call him that night, but didn’t, and I wanted to call him the next day but things got busy. I even thought about calling that night just to say I love you.

That would be a year ago tomorrow. Didn’t. So wishing I did, I could at least have told him I loved him one more time.

Don’t wait, call someone you love and tell them. How crazy that at 51, he was gone so fast. And there isn’t another time to tell him.

Wonderful weekend!


Yes, I’m a bad blogger. Let’s just get that out of the way first. Ok, on to the good stuff.

We are home from an awesome weekend in Chicago. Bill and I got to have nearly an all day date, we went Ikea shopping, saw Harry Potter and had excellent food. I took a nap when we got home, watched Tangled with the kid (it was cute) and I just rocked out a 6 page paper. I’m feeling accomplished!

We went to Ikea for a light for baby girl’s room – failed, shelving for her room – success and shelving for our office – mixed success. Instead of shelving we decided we may want to redo the office altogether and buy a new desk set up. Yay! Here’s a photo example of what we’re thinking (in different color combos of course): What I love about this is that I’d be able to admire Bill while I work, which would be awesome! Bill is working out details and measurements and hopefully we’ll make a decision soon. And maaaybe, my awesome father in law will pick up everything for us and save us a drive or exorbitant shipping costs.

So even though I am a bag blogger, we have been crazy busy lately and I feel like we are accomplishing things. Movement on the nursery (more on that in another post), I’m keeping up with school and launching an enormous campaign at work – my second in as many months. So burning the candle in every possible place, but I’m ridiculously happy.

In upcoming/baby news, next baby appointment is Tuesday. I’ll be 27 weeks and doing the Glucose Challenge…which I have a beef about. Why do they try to make it sound fun, a challenge, really? It’s just gross. Here’s hoping I pass! More news later. Cross your fingers, friends, family, internets, whoever reads this. I do not need one more thing going on to manage.


I did it!


I am so super impressed with myself! I just exported my Tumblr blog into this new WordPress blog. For those of you who know me, you should know this is big. I’m married to the techiest man alive, and I never attempt anything like this without him by my side…but tonight he’s in Buffalo and I therefore have time to mess around with this.

Aaaand, ta-da! I did it!

Now to find out how WordPress works. Another day, this is enough excitement for a pregnant lady, I’m off to bed.

(I should give a shout-out…we all know I did NOT do this by myself! This was my resource, thank you so much!