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Hey there, something amazing happened today!


Hey there blog! Long time no blog!

Our life is pure insanity. So much chaos, so little time. I’m in the final five-class-countdown for the MBA, just about half way through the hardest class in my program (Finance) and then four courses to go. The light at the end is dim, but I am starting to be able to make it out.

Bill’s doing well on his degree. He’s practicing for a big test tomorrow now. It’s mainly on printers and IT stuff. I thought he’d ace it, no problem, however, we’ve learned an amusing truth. If a printer has issues, Bill’s approach is to ditch it and buy a new one. It’s a disposable device for him. Guess what? That’s not the right answer on his test, for any of the 200ish questions on said test. Oops. So he’s studying.

We’ve had lots of family stuff lately. Surgeries, injuries, life drama. Love everyone, feel for everyone, but after a few months of it I need a nap and some form of an adult time-out. It’s overwhelming. I have learned that it is too much to ask for peace and quiet for a few months, but we did have a relatively wonderful weekend just now, so there are the small things. Overall I am really happy and in love, and really, that’s what counts.

Oh hey, were you wondering what was the amazing thing happened today?

Size six

It’s this – my fav old jeans. Size six!

It’s not pretty yet peeps, there’s still some significant muffin top and I would NOT yet wear them in public, however, holy wonder Batman! Ten months out we’ve finally arrived in normal size! Well, normal larger Maria size. But seriously, I’ll take it! Yahoo!

Pardon my room, I am purging. Hence the tupperware and stuff to the left that has to get to Goodwill. And my closet disaster. And the other stuff. I’m not even sure I want you to look close at me, there is still too much tummy and my rack is OOC (hey, we’re still nursing – who knew we’d make it this long?!). Regardless, I cannot help but celebrate in my little blog corner of the internet. I’m thankful to see this size again, I was beginning to think I wouldn’t make it.

Seriously though, it’s not like I’m trying hard. And I don’t mean that to sound presumptuous, because now that I think about it, it does. But with both Bill and I working full time, pursuing my MBA, Bill in school full time, two needy littles, our various extra-curricular activities (board positions, get your mind out of the gutter – there is no time for that) I cannot figure out how to fit working out in. Oh, get up earlier you say? Elia still wakes up at 11p, 1a and 3-4a EVERY NIGHT. So, no thank you. Given that I get approximately 4 hours of sleep on average a night (if I’m lucky), I will not get up any earlier than I already am. I’d rather be fat.

Oh, wait.

So there’s that.