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Elia’s first day of daycare…


Dear Elia,

Yesterday was your first day “at school” with your brother. Mommy was a nervous wreck leaving you. I only called to check twice (in the morning and in the afternoon) and you were doing wonderful. The teachers said you were happy, smiling and even cooing at them. You really are a joy, even for others outside our family.

I still miss you during the day, as I expect I may always. I still miss Ian when he’s not with me. But I hope that this experience will be good for all of us. I hope that having a working mommy you will learn that women can be self-reliant, that we can have a career and a family. That my income will contribute to our ability to have fun as a family and have great adventures together. I hope daycare helps you become a self-reliant and independent little girl.

If nothing else, at least we’ll have healthcare.

I called today, just once so far, and it seems that you are being your charming self. I can’t wait to see you soon.

Tired girl all played out

Elia's first day of school, tired girl all played out.