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Apparently all I have to talk about is pregnancy.


I kinda wish there was something else, but this is taking over my life. I’m so sick that I can’t stand myself, and I’m incredibly thankful to feel this way at the same time. I’m not productive, unhelpful at home and probably less fun in general, but hey – producing a human is hard work. I’m doing my best, just not functioning as well as I’d like.

I took Ian to the dentist all by myself this morning, his first real appointment. He did so well, I was one proud Momma for sure. Every time he saw the dentist or the hygienist he opened wide so they could see his teeth, and if they missed it he interjected conversation with statements like “Ian has great teeth” or “Ian has lots of nice teeth”. Awesome. He was super patient today, quiet, listened and responded to every request, just good in general. This gives me hope and makes me so proud to be his Momma.

Oh look, we just talked about something other than pregnancy! My kid, but hey, it’s a start.

For anyone who cares to know, we had our first real ultrasound yesterday. It was great. We got to see our little peanut, see AND HEAR the heartbeat! Crazy right? Yesterday I was 7 weeks 5 days (or 3 days, depending on which measurement…I’m going with 5) and we could hear a heartbeat. That is amazing people. I’m in awe. I had a rough weekend and with my history the nurses and my Dr said we needed the big-time ultrasound. Who am I to argue? I just need a healthy baby, and if this makes me feel better then I’m all for it. It did make me feel better for the record.

So now I’m back to being grateful for feeling awful.

Oh, also week 1 of grad school is officially complete. Just 19 months three weeks to go. Ha! This class is pretty easy, I’m not sure what will happen when I get past it but I’m thankful to have an easy class while I feel terrible. That’s a blessing on it’s own!

I think good things are finally happening. Crossing my fingers that’s true.