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Perils of a pregnant brain.


So…Monday’s not agreeing with me. I called this morning to schedule a massage, hoping and praying that I can get in on Wednesday or Thursday. (I am having some pretty severe sciatic pain that I am hoping massage will help alleviate.) No openings this week with my fav girl Lauren until Friday at 2. It’s going to be one of those weeks, so hesitantly I agree to it, knowing I’ll have to work that night to make up for the few hours I’ll be gone from the office. But, a needed massage is worth it, right?

Right. So I book the appointment.

In the last 20 minutes here’s what happened. I made a list of the things I need to get done in the next hour. Thing #1 on my list – book a massage, my back is killing me. Clearly I have already forgotten that I did that THIS MORNING. Just after I finish making the list, the spa calls. I am delighted! How did you know that I was going to call you and schedule a massage I say?! The wonderful woman on the other end says, “I just noticed that you have two scheduled this week, the one on Friday at 2 [suddenly I remember] and one on Wednesday at 4”. Even though I am embarrassed that I have already booked, forgotten, made a note to self, and tried to book again, I am even more delighted that I had the foresight to book another session at my last appointment. And the timing works with my current schedule.

Phone didn’t sync with Outlook calendar though, so my life is out of whack. I check phone, it’s in there but scheduled at 7:30 p. What the? I have no idea what just happened, but some lucky pregnant lady is getting a massage on Wednesday. That’s me!

It is amazing that I am allowed to have children and can be employed at this point. I feel like my brain is in severe dysfunction. Maybe the massage will help? Or maybe Tuesday will.


Tunnel vision


I feel like I’m being a bad friend lately. It’s all I can do to make it through the day most days, and inevitably I’m on the couch hoping not to hurl. We keep canceling weekend plans because I just can’t go out. Weekends seem to be worse, which I’m actually glad for. I need to be able to function at work (even though my work functioning capabilities are near the very low end of the scale). 

I think this baby is winning.

I miss you all friends! And my husband, who is the saving grace for our family right now. He’s holding everything together – I am so thankful. Hoping it won’t be long before I can hold my head up and engage in a conversation again.