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Only in Wisconsin


I love social media. And I hate it, but in the last two months it’s kept me busy, given me something to do, kept me in touch in crazy circumstances and helped me update those I love (and other¬†acquaintances along the way). So lately, I love it.

I keep seeing funny postings that maybe I only find amusing since I’m an East-coaster at heart. Living in the Midwest has provided an interesting perspective on life, values here are different, recreational activities are different and overall people say and do things that crack me up. I’ve been meaning to document these for awhile, so here’s my first effort. Maybe not the best one, but I saw it and thought, only in Wisconsin. Here goes, let’s see how many of these interesting regional posts we can collect.

See on Facebook today:

Original post: My Grandma taught me never to use the word hate, but darn it, I HATE you Packer traffic!!!
Response: Your Grandma would love this!!
OP response: My Grandma would probably still be at the stadium! Ha!!!!

Love it. One more:

Original post: Packer game in the bedroom, with brewers on radio. Brewers on TV in the living room with Pack on radio… brewer game on radio in the bathroom. [This one is from my friend @iknowrichhanson, I don’t think he’d mind me blogging about it]¬†.