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My life is crazy.


Recent updates in February? Oh, just a few. 

Got into grad school. Check.

First Reiki experience. Check.

Got pregnant. Check. WHAT?! 

Super excited that we’re expecting, but honestly we’re so nervous and I was not expecting it (even though we’re trying) due to having another miscarriage last month. So this was a surprise. I was even supposed to start taking Clomid, but the day before I took a test just in case first. It’s a bad idea to take it if you ARE indeed knocked up. So I take the test, fully expecting a negative so we can move forward with the drugs, except this is what I get.

The positive line showed up BEFORE the test line. So that was exciting. 

I’m just hoping that our third time is the charm. I have said before that I am relatively desperate to have a second child – within reason of course. And I’m a planner. But I did not expect to have this much trouble conceiving a second babe, nor did I expect to be pregnant three times in less than a year. Tuesday we have our first ultrasound that will help us determine viability. I’m very nervous but anxious to confirm that we have one, healthy little munchkin growing in there.

There are symptoms that make me feel better. I am slightly nauseous, but not consistently. I wish I was sicker to be honest, I’d feel better about things. My boobs are tender and on the growth path. Could do without that, really. I have plenty to spare. Oh, there’s some other growth too. 

Yeah, we could do without that this early too. Really, I’m not even sure that I’m six weeks along. Waiting for the ultrasound to tell us. And yet I looked like this at twelve weeks with Ian. Curious. Maybe, given that it’s my fourth pregnancy my body just can’t take it and gives out when I’m thirty seconds pregnant? Perhaps. I do wish I didn’t look so pregnant this early though. I’m not ready to have conversations about this, but it’s pretty much a non-issue, since I can’t help it. Honestly, normally I’m a relatively slender girl!

I did go to the Reiki appointment. No oils since I am with child, and the entire experience was…weird. The practitioner either gently touched me or held her hands over various areas while she worked. Sometimes I’d get very warm, even hot in places, and then it would cool down. I don’t know what I expected, but it was interesting. I did leave feeling very relaxed and aware, but also feeling that maybe this was hokey and I was just duped out of $30. I’m going back to try it one or two more times and we’ll see how it goes. I might go back to paying for real touching – I do miss my masseuse. 

Oh yeah, remember when I said that blogging might get me in trouble? I’m not sure I’m supposed to be talking about this on here. I mean, we haven’t really told everyone yet. My Mom knows, my boss and some of my very close co-workers since my doctors appointments are frequent and unlikely to let up. But we have many other people to spill good news to in person. So shh internet. Let’s not go talking about this on Facebook or Twitter until I’m good and ready. Or a blimp. Whichever comes first.


My new plan, I think: Reiki


My last six months has been rougher than rough. In my constant searching for how to turn things around I’ve found a new plan that I’m hoping will work: Reiki. I’m planning to talk to Kris at Agea Spa in Appleton tomorrow about it. It’s supposed to help align your Chakras (Do I have those? We’ll find out…) and be one of the most relaxing experiences ever. So here’s hoping.

I mean, I think it can’t hurt. My honest, complete, real hope is that it helps me get pregnant and stay pregnant. Sssh, that’s just between us though, not for serious public discourse, even if this is the internet. I’m also hoping that it alleviates some stress and anxiety. After all, according to Agea’s website, “It is a form of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and inner peace…Reiki may give you an extreme sense of relaxation and an overall feeling of being more balanced, calm, and centered.” Who doesn’t want that?

So in my standard more-than-necessary internet research I also found Kris’ website (hope that’s the right spelling @MWgirl). Scope it out. http://reiki4thesoul.weebly.com/

Any one out there tried Reiki? Let me know if you think it works or it’s just bunk. Here’s to hoping.