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My new plan, I think: Reiki


My last six months has been rougher than rough. In my constant searching for how to turn things around I’ve found a new plan that I’m hoping will work: Reiki. I’m planning to talk to Kris at Agea Spa in Appleton tomorrow about it. It’s supposed to help align your Chakras (Do I have those? We’ll find out…) and be one of the most relaxing experiences ever. So here’s hoping.

I mean, I think it can’t hurt. My honest, complete, real hope is that it helps me get pregnant and stay pregnant. Sssh, that’s just between us though, not for serious public discourse, even if this is the internet. I’m also hoping that it alleviates some stress and anxiety. After all, according to Agea’s website, “It is a form of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and inner peace…Reiki may give you an extreme sense of relaxation and an overall feeling of being more balanced, calm, and centered.” Who doesn’t want that?

So in my standard more-than-necessary internet research I also found Kris’ website (hope that’s the right spelling @MWgirl). Scope it out. http://reiki4thesoul.weebly.com/

Any one out there tried Reiki? Let me know if you think it works or it’s just bunk. Here’s to hoping.



I’m no pro, but I’m pretty excited about what I was able to teach myself tonight. Scope out my first crocheted flower! I think it’s really cute. 🙂

Let me tell you, knitting/crocheting are fantastic for two reasons. 1) I’m not very good, so I have to focus a lot while I’m working. No time for multi-tasking thoughts, it’s actually a good stress reliever. 2) I can’t shove food in my mouth while my hands are occupied, so I think it’s also an excellent method to avoid chub.