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World’s Worst Blogger? Maybe.


Ugh, I want to blog, honestly. But it just becomes one more thing in my overflowing to-do list lately. How to rectify this? Hmm…

Lots has changed since I last posted, for instance:

  • We announced we are pregnant. Our little immediate world is overjoyed, no one more so than us though I think.
  • We learned said baby is a GIRL. A real, live girl human, in my belly. Shocked. Nervous about a little girl entering our lives, growing up to be a *gasp* teenager…and date boys. And, as Bill is terrified of, get married in a shindig we will have to finance. (tee-hee!)
  • We started shopping for girl things. Completely. Overwhelmed. Way more choices for girls than boys, lots of pink, lots of inappropriateness (sassy sayings, baby jeggings?!). This is going to be rough.
  • Maria had a breakdown about the MBA program. It’s hard. It takes a lot of time. I don’t have lots of time. Looked into switching programs. That adds 6 months and about $12k. Gag. Probably sucking it up with an MBA.
  • I miss my Dad. Wait, that hasn’t changed. I just didn’t get to tell him we’re having a girl, even though I think he knew that we were getting one, he was just off on his timing. Still wish I could tell him though.
  • Baby girl has a first name. More on that in a subsequent post.
  • Bill has started his degree program. Passed a college math class in a week and a half. Who does that?
  • Took our first (and probably only) family vacation as a unit of 3. Had a great time in Florida, went to Disney. Saw Sean and Casey!
  • Speaking of Sean and Casey, they are finally engaged! We get to keep Casey! I am so thrilled, she’s wonderful and I love them together. So, so happy for my little bro.
  • We are suddenly getting to lots of household projects. Garden has been planted, landscaping has been dramatically updated, baby clothing is being addressed (selling boy clothes, buying girl ones), patio is started, deck skirting is finally almost done. Crazy how adding a person in five months jump starts lots of other stuff.

That might be about the extent of things. I am incredibly happy, and at the same time incredibly overwhelmed. Honestly, I’m managing my stress level and all our balls in the air so much better than I ever thought I would, but really. There’s a lot going on. Nearly all of it makes me so, so happy. But some of it stresses me out…depending on the day all of it, or none of it and something new. Like, how exactly does your stomach go back to normal? HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? And how do we know for sure it will?


I suppose since we never do anything the easy way this is how our life is. Complicated, but wonderful and ours. Who could change anything about that?